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The TrackTune Team

TrackTune isn't some big corporate brainchild. The team, a late model driver from Indiana, his two college buddies, and a steady fuel line of caffeine, founded the company in Cassten’s parents’ basement. It's a humble beginning we're proud of. Our goal is simple: to give back to the motorsports industry and make raceday as memorable as possible for race fans. We've built and funded the TrackTune platform completely on our own, and are thrilled to be offering our service to tracks this year in our inaugural season.

So where did the idea for TrackTune come from?

The soon-to-be founder, Cassten, had just attended a NASCAR cup series race at Talladega, and per tradition, had called his dad afterwards to chat about the race. Excitement however soon turned to jealousy when he realized that his dad, who had watched the event on TV, knew more about the race than he did. How is it that his dad had a better seat than the guy who was actually AT the track?

The solution became evident: help make the broadcast commentary more accessible to the fans actually in the stands.

Now enter Matt and Sam - two of Cassten's friends from college. Cassten can drive a car real fast, but when it comes to computers, he has as many skills as sprint cars have starters. Cassten pitched to them the idea of a smartphone app that streamed over the internet, rather than trying to use an antiquated radio receiver. The two got to work, and a few months later, the team was ready to roll.

Since then, the idea has been the same: deliver a seamless, easy-to-use experience that gives fans more context to the excitement of the race, all in real-time. No need for expensive radio equipment, no annoying paywalls, no more drowned-out speaker systems. TrackTune is accessible from any internet-connectable device, and always free to fans.

But why us?

 1) We come with over 10 years of experience in the short-track industry.
 2) We know the ins-and-outs of audio hardware, making for a reliable, no-hassle installation of our equipment, and
 3) We've prepared an array of promotional materials to make our service a success at your track.

We're constantly looking for feedback from promoters and fans to make our platform better and, when schedules allow, attending racing events across the midwest to do live demos. We hope to bring TrackTune to as many tracks across the country as possible - lifting the often-latent world of motorsports into a more modern fan experience.

The TrackTune Team

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